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2021 marks 10 years since the Inaugural Edition of the Queeriodic Table!

The Queeriodic Table emerged in the fall of 2010. The response to the project led to the decision to submit it to Queer events. Inspired by a scientific cupcake project, the idea quickly evolved into the creation of an interactive fundraising component for Out In School‘s High School Confidential event. We stood in lab coats with clipboards for note taking while talking gender and sexuality, selling posters, and helping people to select which elements might represent their personal molecule in the form of buttons and magnets. Over the next following years we toured Vancouver’s many festivals of Queerness, distributed artifacts internationally, and accepted invitations from an erotic festival of international art in the States, and a Canadian University.

Evidence from the Past Informs the Present

With the 10-year anniversary we plan to open the archives to share what was gathered. There are many pages of language, suggestions and critiques made by participants. We have several colouring book pages to consider, and then there is all the digital input, such as online photo galleries, too.

We will be looking to the past, considering the present, and asking questions about the future to inform the Second Edition of the Queeriodic Table.

Watch our ever evolving online spaces for information on how you can claim the elements of your identity, and work with us on new versions that better represent our current universes and realities.

Coming Soon!

Acquire an Artifact or two or more..| December 2021

  • Posters and mugs, and some of the original artifacts created in the fall of 2010 will be available through the Glorious Gift & Giving Shop

Virtual & In-person Exhibitions | 2022

  • Exploring the various artifacts and installations from the First Edition (2010-2011) through images, words, and background stories.

In-person & Virtual Explorations | 2022

  • We look forward to reviewing how language from only 10 years ago has evolved, and to devising ways during these challenging COVID-19 times to explore what’s new through in-person and online engagements.


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